Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Things are moving forward...

I was so excited today as Ian and I signed Section 106 of the agreement from our solicitor in relation to the planning permission for our new facility.

It was totally brilliant and it felt like a history making moment for me and was another step forward to the final releasing of the land and our future facilities into our hands. As I was signing the documents, I remembered day in early November 2006 when I led our church out of the present building and onto the grass field in faith and singing praises to God. In faith we pushed stakes into the ground in faith believing that God had given us the land and we prayed together for a miracle. Well today we can rejoice because God has fulfilled his word, the miracle has happened and the land will legally soon be ours to build upon.

I have to tell you I have been like the Joker out of Batman all day long, I couldn't stop smiling and even had to laugh out loud on a couple of occasions. Ha!

'...it is the Lord's purposes that will prevail.'
Prov 19:21. I encourage us all to recognise God's hand in this sacred journey that we at MKCC are on. I ask you to pray fervently that all planning, employment of contractors and building works go smoothly and we would get everything for a fair price.

Finally I challenge all those who are committed to the ongoing work of MKCC to give sacrificially to our Time2Build fund to enable the dream to be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Thanks to all those who are already giving, you are awesome!

Our future together is bright and I believe that greater things lie ahead for us to do for Jesus.

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