Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bragging on my Friend Billy

When God gives you a friend he gives you a precious gift. That's the way I feel about my associate and friend Billy Ritchie.

As he is reading this he will be thinking, 'o no, don't do this Sherratt!' Sorry mate but today I must. Sit back with a strong Americano coffee and let me say thanks for who you are and all you do.

In his heart he wouldn't want me to bring attention to him but today I want to honour him before you and also ask you to learn a few things from his comittment to Jesus, to me and to MKCC.

Time does not permit for me to write all the things I feel about him and I don't think that he would appreciate me telling you everything anyway! Our journey together over the past 18 years or so has been filled with every kind of high and low in christian leadership. Throughout that time I have always known him to be a valient armourbearer with me who is ready for anything when it comes to making Jesus name great in our city.

I appreciate and value his faithfulness and commitment to me, our staff and to our church. Why? There are many things really but let me list a few:

1. He has a heart for God. This is evident and I know he puts God first and upholds God's values and aspires to be more like Jesus. That's my kind of guy.

2. He has complementary gifts to me. God placed us together and our diverse gifts make us more effective.

3. He is objective. He sees the pros and cons of issues that I can often miss.

4. He has a love for people more than things and he desires to help them grow in their faith.

5. He has great experience. He has been down the road of life and understands one or two things.

6. He is passionate about God's amazing grace. He has a tender heart and is continually moved by Gods love and its affects as it touches, forgives, restores and empowers lives.

7. He knows that it takes hard work, diligence and leadership to grow a significant city church and always seeks to give his best.

8. His family are in love with Jesus and are committed to serving him. You guys are awesome and I value all you do.

9. He is a loyal to me as leader and I trust him completely. I know he loves me and is always concerned for me.

Man do I feel blessed. Every leader needs a Billy Ritchie! Thanks for being you mate I love you deeply.

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Billy Ritchie said...

Who is this billy that you speak of? I still have to meet him. By the way I am going to beat you up next time I see you.