Monday, 23 May 2011

20 resolutions from the book of James for how to control our tongue.

1. I resolve to ask God for wisdom to speak out of a single-minded devotion to him. (1:5)
2. I resolve to boast only in the exultation I receive in Jesus Christ and also in the humiliation I receive for Jesus Christ. (1:9-10)
3. I resolve to set a watch over my mouth. (1:13)
4. I resolve to be constantly quick to hear and slow to speak. (1:19)
5. I resolve to learn the gospel way of speaking to both rich and poor. (2:1-4)
6. I resolve to speak in the present consciousness of my final judgment. (2:12)
7. I resolve never to stand on anyone’s face with the words I employ. (2:16)
8. I resolve never to claim as reality in my life what I do not truly experience. (3:14)
9. I resolve to resist quarrelsome words as evidence of a bad heart that needs to be mortified. (4:1)
10. I resolve never to speak decided evil against another out of a heart of antagonism. (4:11)
11. I resolve never to boast in anything but what I will accomplish. (4:13)
12. I resolve to speak as one subject to the providences of God. (4:15)
13. I resolve never to grumble. The judge is at the door. (5:9)
14. I resolve never to allow anything but total integrity in everything I say. (5:12)
15. I resolve to speak to God in prayer whenever I suffer. (5:13)
16. I resolve to sing praises to God whenever I’m cheerful. (5:14)
17. I resolve to ask for the prayers of others when I’m in need. (5:14)
18. I resolve to confess it whenever I have failed. (5:15)
19. I resolve to pray with others for one another whenever I am together with them. (5:15)
20. I resolve to speak words of restoration when I see another wander. (5:19)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Leading in Times of Transition

Leading in Times of Transition

1. Accept discomfort as normal. Phil 4v10-13.
Remember: the alternative to transition is stagnation

2. Hold fast to the Greater vision.
We are a Christian Community that serves.

3. Remember you are a Vision Carrier and a Change Agent

A vision carrier…

(a) Knows about the church’s important initiatives
(b) Casts vision within their sphere of influence
(c) Answers people’s questions
(d) Communicates confidence in the leader of the church
(c) Puts out fires

4. Don’t allow critics to taint your perspective

5. Expect progress to require both the move of the spirit and hard work!

6. Don’t let a success derail you.

7. When you have momentum, keep it going

8. Be ready and willing to re-invent your systems and approaches

9. Remain fast and fluid

10. Keep finding and raising up new leaders