Thursday, 5 May 2011

Leading in Times of Transition

Leading in Times of Transition

1. Accept discomfort as normal. Phil 4v10-13.
Remember: the alternative to transition is stagnation

2. Hold fast to the Greater vision.
We are a Christian Community that serves.

3. Remember you are a Vision Carrier and a Change Agent

A vision carrier…

(a) Knows about the church’s important initiatives
(b) Casts vision within their sphere of influence
(c) Answers people’s questions
(d) Communicates confidence in the leader of the church
(c) Puts out fires

4. Don’t allow critics to taint your perspective

5. Expect progress to require both the move of the spirit and hard work!

6. Don’t let a success derail you.

7. When you have momentum, keep it going

8. Be ready and willing to re-invent your systems and approaches

9. Remain fast and fluid

10. Keep finding and raising up new leaders

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