Authority, position and title will not make you a leader!

Don’t worry about being a leader. Worry about being a person worthy of being followed.
10 leaders people choose not to follow:
  1. Leaders who live in fear.
  2. Leaders who don't challenge the status quo
  3. Finger-pointing leaders who never take responsibility.
  4. Face-saving leaders who protect their image at the expense of others.
  5. Butt-kissing leaders who change their behavior when top brass is around.
  6. Truth-shading leaders who bend the facts for personal advantage.
  7. Dark-cloud leaders who only see problems.
  8. Big-boss leaders who love telling people what to do.
  9. Glory-hound leaders who love praise and steal credit.
  10. Big mouth leaders who love the sound of their own voice.

10 ways to be a leader people choose to follow:
  1. A leader who sees in me what I didn't see in myself. 
  2. A leader who cares about people 
  3. A leader I can trust and was confident had my back.
  4. A leader who lead by example and possessed competencies I aspired to gain.
  5. A leader who was always pressing forward.
  6. A leader who gave me the opportunity to talk and feedback
  7. A leader who displayed humility.  
  8. A leader who was productive 
  9. A leader who was passionate to learn.
  10. A leader of good character. 

If you want to inspire others, try the following:
  1. Focus on adding value, not gaining followers.
  2. Become the person you would choose to follow. Would you follow you?
  3. Share your best intentions. Authenticity is more compelling than talent, skill, or competence.
  4. Honour people. People choose leaders who make them feel they matter.