Tuesday, 30 September 2008

leadership thought...

As a leader you have to be committed to get commitment. A friend of mine once said to me that a committed leader will draw out of others the commitment needed to fulfil a vision. He's right; you can never expect anyone else to give their energy, finance or talents to a cause if you don't lead the way with commitment faith and passion.

Nehemiah was a guy who was committed and who drew commitment out of others and they finished the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in 53 days. Now that is amazing! Despite much adversity they were successful. This was a great accomplishment and Nehemiah wrote: 'When all our enemies heard of it, and all the nations around us saw these things....they were very disheartened in their own eyes; for they perceived that this work was done by our God' WOW! I love this and I pray that a similar thing will be said about us at MKCC as we extend and build new facilities. (Wish we could do it in 53 days!)

I want to encourage all of us who are committed to building God's house here in MK and are sacrificing time, finance, energy, skill and the list goes on and on... That we do not labour in vain and our commitment will draw out of others commitment and we will complete the task the Lord has given us to do. We need to keep a few things in focus as we lead:

1. We have a compelling purpose. There is no greater cause on earth to give our lives for.
2. We need to keep a clear perspective at all times and not allow fear to cloud our view.
3. We must pray at all times because I know that this is linked to our humility before God and gains his favour.
4. We need to have courageous persistence and move ahead despite all odds.

Together I believe we will succeed. Let's continue to lead by example.

In the hands of the artist

'But now, O Lord, You are our father; we are the clay, and you are the potter; And all we are the work of your hand.' Isaiah 64:8

I was thinking about this verse today and how God has been and is at work in my life over the years. I then begin to think about my responsibility to the people in my life and how I have and am influencing them.

I came across this in interesting story about an English artist named William Wolcott who went to New York in 1924 to record his great impressions of that great city. One morning he was visiting in the office of a former colleague when the urge to sketch came over him. seeing some paper on his friends desk, he asked, 'may I have that?' His friend answered, 'That's not sketching paper. That's ordinary paper. Not wanting to lose the spark of inspiration, Wolcott took the wrapping paper and said, 'nothing is ordinary if you know how to use it.' On that ordinary paper Wolcott made two sketches. Later that same year, one of those sketches sold for $500 and the other for $1000 quite a sum for 1924.

John Maxwell said, 'People under the influence of an empowering person are like paper in the hands of a great artist. No matter what they are made of, they become treasures.'

Let's make a decision to value people around us and with God's help craft a masterpiece!

Sunday, 28 September 2008


We are so privileged to have Ron with us next week. I want to encourage you to invite all your friends to what I think will be an amazing Sunday as we focus on a two week series called 'Hope'.


Just completed a three weeks series challenging us all to ensure we keep in focus some important truths as we follow Christ. Recap:

wk 1 Focus to your life: Every believer needs to understand that God has a purpose for your life. (Jer 29:11) He wants you to choose his ways and not just your own. God tells us in the bible that his ways and thoughts for us are so much higher than our ways. To live your life just to fulfil your own plans when you know that God has a plan for your life is to live life out of focus.

Once we discover God has a plan for our lives, like the Apostle Paul, we are to focus on giving 100% effort to fulfilling his plan for our lives. Yes, EFFORT, hard work, drive, discipline, diligence commitment, passion and dedication. You run in life knowing that heaven alone is your finishing line.

Jesus said, do not store up treasure on earth but store up treasure in heaven. Eternal rewards are real and Jesus said make sure you see this as a priority in your life

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

MKCC Worship leaders forum

I spent just over an hour with our worship leaders this evening which was brilliant. These guys are an inspiration to me and have a tremendous influence in our church. Each Sunday the sound, the choice of songs, the visuals, the arrangements and creativity just seem to get better and better.

We are working hard to align our songs and visuals to coincide with the series we running. Our challenge is to leave the people at MKCC in no certain terms clear about the overall theme or point that week. Good planning is crucial here and we continue to learn the importance of it.

Diversity is strength and I think we have that in our worship leaders. This empowers us to impact a wider group of people in our city through our music.

I love discussions with creative people who are passionate about life and music but especially when they are sold out to Jesus and desire to tell our city and the world about him.

I really value and appreciate you guys!

Monday, 22 September 2008

An amazing weekend

Wow...what a weekend it was absolutely mad, it has left me, my family and our leaders spinning and needing a few good nights sleep. Here are a few highlights:

1. The Final adjustments were being made ready for the big move of our Day Nursery into other parts of MKCC's facilities and portacabin while our building developments and refurbishment take place.
2. Kidz Church leaders were preparing for the huge changes to the way it will operate now spread across our facilities.
3. Preparations for the Partners evening on Saturday were also taking place. Catering, videos, PowerPoint slides, talks, notes, music etc....
4. There was also an ITC Trustees meeting on site.
5. Building works were in full swing securing the site and preparing us for the weekend services and making it safe for a turf cutting ceremony due to take place. The site also had to be ready and secure for our Day Nursery operations on Monday.

The adrenaline seemed to be racing through the veins of all at MKCC as we were gearing up for a big weekend.

I raced home at 6.00pm to collect Mitchell who had football training ready for a cup match tomorrow. I have always made every effort to be there at his traing and every match I can to support him. However, my mobile never stopped ringing and a burned through 1/2 my battery life! When I got home I had enough time to climb the ladders to finish off some painting before it got dark that I knew I needed to finish. It was now late and I enjoyed a long awaited shower, hot curry and a cuddle with my lovey wife.

1. Catering preparations and hall set up for our Partners evening started just after 9.30am. I said goodbye to Alison for the day as she went shopping and then spent the day at MKCC with Judy and other volunteers.
2. In the morning I took Mitchell to his football match, he played really well. (His team is awesome and he is getting to be a little Rooney - Just a proud dad speaking) They won!!
3. Ian and Mike came in to paint fences ready for Monday morning.
3. We had a wedding at MKCC in the morning followed by blessing which took place in the couple's garden in the afternoon with 150 guests who thought they were coming to a house warming party. You should have seen the look on their faces as we started the vows, it was awesome!
4. The Partners evening took place from 7.00pm and it was excellent. The food was excellent, the videos were inspiring and our leadership presentations were well recieved. I was extremely pleased with the evening. The feedback from our partners was very positive. We cleared up and set up the hall ready for church service the next day. I fell into bed at just after midnight.

1. MKCC is buzzing with life every Sunday morning from 7.00am preparing for our three services. This sunday was no exception! Kidz Church faced the challenge of running their programmes in new areas. All ministries leaders and volunteers were so busy pulling all areas of our operations together in order to serve those who would attend this week: Transport, traffic, stewards, kidz church, youth, musicians, video and PA, hospitality etc.. The services were excellent!
2. At the end of the services we went outside into the garden area at MKCC where works would start on Monday. We dug a turf marking the start of our building programme and we stood and committed the future to God in pray. I am so thankful to God for the faith, generosity and commitment of our people to this project.
3. As our services concluded it didn't finish there. As the final bus came back into the car park, the Made for Ministry course started in the main hall running through the afternoon.
4. Volunteers also arrived at MKCC at 2.30pm to move equipment out of the Day Nursery into other areas in the facilities of MKCC getting the Day Nursery ready for Monday morning.
5. No it doesn't end there! At 6.00pm saw 'Base' our youth programme explode into action. At around 8.30pm MKCC was closed for the night. What a weekend! Time for a rest. However, in just a few hours we open again!

We achieved so much over the weekend. What a privilege to serve with an awesome team who have given their lives to this ministry for the glory of God. Thanks guys for all your hard work, you are all an inspiration.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Partners evening at MKCC this saturday

I am so excited about our partners at MKCC coming together on Saturday evening. I love spending time with these people - you guys are awesome! Billy told we we are at capacity so this should be a brilliant night. We have some exciting things to celebrate and to share! I look forward to walking into the future with committed people to fulfil God's purposes. We will never get to where we need to go with an attitude like we are on a sunday afternoon stroll in the park! WE need to run after God and his ways with passion and urgency as the Bible instructs us to do.

I believe that God has greater things to do in our city and our church needs partner together courageously and boldly seize our day. There are 1,000's of people who do not know Jesus and they are all around us! We are planning, working, praying and building a new facilities here at MKCC to reach more and more people for Jesus. We are alive today to make a difference today that will impact the future generations. We all have a part to play in God's plan and we must get involved.

Some quick thoughts about what true partnership is about:
1. A commitment made by people who give equal energy consitently or it's not a partnership.
2. Using each others gifts, passions, abilities and experiences
3. Building relationship - Adding value to others and respecting diversity
4. Working together - Listening, trusting, encouraging, correcting and Sharing the load
5. Inspiring others and lifting the mood
6. Learning together
6. Making things happen
7. Celebrating with others
8. It is a decision to live interdependently

MKCC is a place where I believe that true Godly partnership will make a difference in our church, in our city and as we reach out to the ends of the earth.

Let's invite as many people as we can to join us on this exciting journey of following Jesus.

Interested or committed?

Years ago I remember reading a book called the One Minute Manager by a guy called Ken Blanchard. This book helped me in my work as a manager working for Tesco's in the South of England at the time. Blanchard wrote, 'There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses.' I remember working with both kinds of people and it was a joy to work with the committed.

When it comes to work, relationships, church, teams, sports commitment is everything, mere interest alone doesn't work. I think commitment is the one quality that sits above others and enables people to be successful in what they do. I once heard someone say, 'the Kamikaze pilot who was able to fly fifty missions was involved but never committed.'

All I know is that nothing happens without commitment! God is looking for total commitment from us. Does God know you are committed to him today? I love the song we sang on Sunday, 'Undivided, my heart and my life is yours'. That has got to be the reality for all of us at MKCC. We are not playing games here or just doing the religious thing. When it comes to serving Jesus and fulfilling his purposes for my life, as I look at the cross, I fall to my knees in total surrender and renew commitment every time. Whatever it takes Lord and whatever you want me to do I am yours and will obey you.

Let's all make a fresh commitment to Jesus and his purposes for our lives today - right now, do it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Just love this song

I just love the energy and passion of young people. May God set this generation on fire and make a huge difference in the world for Jesus.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Something for you to think about..

The Monk and The Frog

The story is told of an old hermit monk who was working in the fields, As he was doing so he came across a remarkable, precious stone that was obviously worth a great deal of money. He took it back to his simple hut, thrilled at his find and excited at the possibilities it presented him with.

Later that day, a weary traveller happened to be passing by and as was his custom the monk offered him hospitality in his simple dwelling. As he was preparing some food over the fire the traveller noticed the monk’s bag on the table and caught sight of the wonderful, precious stone contained within. Over the meal the traveller asked about the stone and the monk took it out of the bag and showed it to him. Such was the beauty of the stone and its obvious value, that the visitor couldn’t help himself and asked the monk if he could have it as a gift. The monk reflected for a moment, shrugged his shoulders and replied ‘Sure, why not’ he said, ‘you are very welcome’.

The traveller thanked him and left hastily with his new prize possession lest the monk change his mind. A few weeks went by and the monk carried on his normal peaceful and simple life. Then one day he heard his name being called and when he looked up saw the same traveller walking towards him. He welcomed him warmly and enquired as to the reason for his visit. ‘I have come to return your stone to you’ he said as he placed the stone back in the monk’s hands, ‘for I am after something far more valuable from you’. The monk was somewhat taken aback as he couldn’t think of anything he owned that would be of more value. But then the traveller continued, ‘I want whatever it is within you that enabled you to give me the stone without hesitation when I asked you for it’.

Think about this a little and let it get under your skin!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Leadership thoughts about influencing others

Albert Schweitzer once said, 'Example is not the main thing in influencing others.... its the only thing'.

I once heard John Maxwell say, 'that part of creating an appealing climate is modeling leadership', I believe that is true. I also believe that people will also emulate what they see modeled.

Take action: Think about your influence on those around you, I am serious do it, go through the list of people closest to you. If there is a positive model there will be a positive response and if there is a negative model there will be a negative response. What will you be?

If you desire to be a leader you need to know that everything you do and value, the potential leaders around you will do and value. Leaders set the tone and can not demand of others what they do not demand of themselves.

As we as leaders grow and improve, so will those we lead. So plan a few things into your life that will help you to grow.

Ideas: Find a coach or mentor, read leadership books and materials, go to a leadership conference or seminar, start a small group discussing leadership, make use of the vast resource on the internet - blogs, newsletters, Podcasts,vodcast etc and develope an intimate relationship with Jesus. Leaders must be learners for life! If our growth stops today, our ability to lead will stop with it. We can never model what we do not posses!

Make a decision to do one thing to grow today and implement what you learn and watch others grow around you.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I read this quote today by Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong church, Sydney Australia,

“The devil doesn’t care how big your church is - he cares how influential it is.”

Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world - Influence.

Jesus said we are his Ambassadors, his representative, his voice, his hands, infact, the Bible says we are his body. Christ's body is to be visible in the world! It must be active in society and meeting the needs it encounters just like Jesus did. Infact, people ought to see Jesus in all we do. Through the good works that that the Bible says that God has prepared in advance for us to do, we easily pave the way to share the message of God's love and grace.

Church, we are called to be actively involved in meeting the needs in our society and not to just sit back and just commentate, remain detached or ignore the issue. If things get worse we have only ourselves to blame!

I believe the influence of our church should be increasing not decreasing. may God's kingdom come and his will be done in MK.

Who are you influencing today?

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Michael Gugliemucci

I am still so sad about the recent news that Michael Gugliemucci had been living a lie for the past two years.

I Think Mal Fletcher nails it here.

Please remember his family in your prayers.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Our International Missions weekend was aweome..

What a brilliant weekend! I was so excited to welcome our friends and mission partnerships from around the world to MKCC for our international missions weekend.

This was a great opportunity for them to meet up with supporters and friends, tell of the developments of their work but also to meet each other and build relationships.

On Saturday we had around 120 people visit us at MKCC and we had an awesome time. It was great to hear of some many exciting initiative happening around the world. The passion, creativity and commitment to God and their ministries is totally amazing. I am grateful to God that as a church, MKCC has the privilege to partner with these people to make a difference in the world.

Our sunday services were brilliant! It was excellent for all at MKCC to put a face to names and hear of the challenges and opportunities our missionairies are currently facing. George (LFI Director) interviewed them in a fast moving magazine style which worked well. Everyone expressed their appreciation to our church and LightForce International for the love and support. I know that together we are making a difference in the world.

There are so many opportunities to get involved in overseas projects for the people of our church. Instead of just praying or giving, why not think about going on an overseas missions trip to a project we are supporting. Seriously, think about it, talk to us and let's make some plans!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

International Missions weekend is here

Mission is the heartbeat of MKCC and we are passionate about reaching our world for Christ and making a difference in our local community and the world.

I am so excited to have with us missionaries from around the world who we support with us at MKCC this weekend. The countries that will be represented are:- Albania (Rachel Wilson); Albania (Rakip Cuku); India ( Biju Thampy); India (Jabez & Joe Williams); Serbia (Pau Pasula); Mombassa (Glyn & Jane Davies); Uganda (Hon. Charles Angiro Gutemoi); America (Andrew Shearman); Morocco (Hannah & Hmad Naatit); and Vietnam (Ashley & Christine Coggins). All these people are passionate about what they are doing and I know that a little of their enthusiasm will rub off on our church.

Check out Milton Keynes Christian Centre

Come along anytime from 10.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday and meet the guys informally and learn more about the work they are involved in.

Sunday will see the all attend our three services and join with our wider church family. It's going to be an awesome day. Don't miss it!

I am praying that in the years ahead MKCC will send out literally 100's of people into world missions sharing boldly proclaiming the good news about Jesus Christ.

So you think you've got problems

Feel like quitting, giving up?

Listen to Ron's story and be challenged about your own attitude to life. Ron is paralysed from the neck down and had to master his attitude and not give up and is making a huge difference to others in his life. Ron is a christian who has become a mentor to many and now travels as a motivational speaker.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A visit to the Ritz

Thought this was excellent form Shane Duffey (Newspring) and well worth reading and implementing by all of us at MKCC.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to stay in a Ritz-Carlton hotel for the first time. To say the place was nice or that the service was great would be a huge understatement. The experience got me to thinking about what churches (or any other business) could learn from The Ritz. Here are 10 things (there are probably more):

We should learn that…

1. When someone shows up on our property they shouldn’t have to think about where to go.
2. Everyone on our staff should give the impression that they love their job.
3. The cleanliness of our facility speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.
4. Our people (staff/volunteers) should be strategically placed to be available to our guests.
5. We should not freak out when we’re presented with a question or dilemma that’s not common.
6. Not only should we not freak out, but we should seek to find answers or solutions.
7. No staff person should ever say, “that’s not my area/job/responsibility”.
8. Success is measured by one “satisfied customer” at a time.
9. Going the extra mile for a guest pays huge dividends (well beyond the cost or effort it took).
10. Truly satisfied customers tell others about their experience, which sends more customers our way.

All things being equal, would the experience we offer at our church or business match up to The Ritz? If not, why not?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Building my portfolio of great memories

Just back from our family holiday and it was awesome!

Taking time out with your family is crucial. Alison and I made a decision many years ago that we would invest in our family holidays. One of our goals has always been to create good memories for our children and so we targeted our family holidays. As much as we tithe, give offering, pay a mortgage and household bills, vehicle running costs, DIY etc each month, we set aside a sum for our holidays. And by the way never touch it! This way we have always been able to plan our holidays and pay for everything in cash! I encourage you to think about doing this.

We had two weeks in Crete and loved the island and the people. There were many things for us to do, but as all of you know with children, a pool or the sea is enough. Kids just love water! Mind you, so do I. We spent hours snorkeling together.

We tried to catch fish, collect shells and rocks from the bottom, played games, swam out to sea, ducked each other and the main thing we laughed so much. Memories we all will never forget. I could go on and on with stories from my holiday that will remain with us for years to come...Sweet memories.

I once heard someone say, 'Good memories are like a hot water bottle on a cold night, you have just got to hug them'. I for one believe it and want to encourage you all to think about creating good memories for your family. Creating memories is an investment you will never regret. Holidays are only one way to do this and it doesn't have to cost that much either.

Come on, get those creative juices flowing and don't just sit about waiting for something to happen, make it happen!

Creating memories is an investment you will never regret.

Monday, 1 September 2008

I just love creativity....

I love the fact that many churches are using arts and music to communicate in their services. I love it and know that most people do! Creativity is an important part of life and it has a capacity to move us emotionally like nothing else can. God is a creative God and his creativity is endless, just look at creation. What gifts, abilities and talents do you have that we could use at MKCC? Let me know I am really interested!