Tuesday, 23 September 2008

MKCC Worship leaders forum

I spent just over an hour with our worship leaders this evening which was brilliant. These guys are an inspiration to me and have a tremendous influence in our church. Each Sunday the sound, the choice of songs, the visuals, the arrangements and creativity just seem to get better and better.

We are working hard to align our songs and visuals to coincide with the series we running. Our challenge is to leave the people at MKCC in no certain terms clear about the overall theme or point that week. Good planning is crucial here and we continue to learn the importance of it.

Diversity is strength and I think we have that in our worship leaders. This empowers us to impact a wider group of people in our city through our music.

I love discussions with creative people who are passionate about life and music but especially when they are sold out to Jesus and desire to tell our city and the world about him.

I really value and appreciate you guys!

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Gareth and Emily said...

Mark, was a fantastic evenin!!!

Super excited about it all!! Feel incredibly encouraged and inspired, as i am sure the other guys do too!!!