Monday, 22 September 2008

An amazing weekend

Wow...what a weekend it was absolutely mad, it has left me, my family and our leaders spinning and needing a few good nights sleep. Here are a few highlights:

1. The Final adjustments were being made ready for the big move of our Day Nursery into other parts of MKCC's facilities and portacabin while our building developments and refurbishment take place.
2. Kidz Church leaders were preparing for the huge changes to the way it will operate now spread across our facilities.
3. Preparations for the Partners evening on Saturday were also taking place. Catering, videos, PowerPoint slides, talks, notes, music etc....
4. There was also an ITC Trustees meeting on site.
5. Building works were in full swing securing the site and preparing us for the weekend services and making it safe for a turf cutting ceremony due to take place. The site also had to be ready and secure for our Day Nursery operations on Monday.

The adrenaline seemed to be racing through the veins of all at MKCC as we were gearing up for a big weekend.

I raced home at 6.00pm to collect Mitchell who had football training ready for a cup match tomorrow. I have always made every effort to be there at his traing and every match I can to support him. However, my mobile never stopped ringing and a burned through 1/2 my battery life! When I got home I had enough time to climb the ladders to finish off some painting before it got dark that I knew I needed to finish. It was now late and I enjoyed a long awaited shower, hot curry and a cuddle with my lovey wife.

1. Catering preparations and hall set up for our Partners evening started just after 9.30am. I said goodbye to Alison for the day as she went shopping and then spent the day at MKCC with Judy and other volunteers.
2. In the morning I took Mitchell to his football match, he played really well. (His team is awesome and he is getting to be a little Rooney - Just a proud dad speaking) They won!!
3. Ian and Mike came in to paint fences ready for Monday morning.
3. We had a wedding at MKCC in the morning followed by blessing which took place in the couple's garden in the afternoon with 150 guests who thought they were coming to a house warming party. You should have seen the look on their faces as we started the vows, it was awesome!
4. The Partners evening took place from 7.00pm and it was excellent. The food was excellent, the videos were inspiring and our leadership presentations were well recieved. I was extremely pleased with the evening. The feedback from our partners was very positive. We cleared up and set up the hall ready for church service the next day. I fell into bed at just after midnight.

1. MKCC is buzzing with life every Sunday morning from 7.00am preparing for our three services. This sunday was no exception! Kidz Church faced the challenge of running their programmes in new areas. All ministries leaders and volunteers were so busy pulling all areas of our operations together in order to serve those who would attend this week: Transport, traffic, stewards, kidz church, youth, musicians, video and PA, hospitality etc.. The services were excellent!
2. At the end of the services we went outside into the garden area at MKCC where works would start on Monday. We dug a turf marking the start of our building programme and we stood and committed the future to God in pray. I am so thankful to God for the faith, generosity and commitment of our people to this project.
3. As our services concluded it didn't finish there. As the final bus came back into the car park, the Made for Ministry course started in the main hall running through the afternoon.
4. Volunteers also arrived at MKCC at 2.30pm to move equipment out of the Day Nursery into other areas in the facilities of MKCC getting the Day Nursery ready for Monday morning.
5. No it doesn't end there! At 6.00pm saw 'Base' our youth programme explode into action. At around 8.30pm MKCC was closed for the night. What a weekend! Time for a rest. However, in just a few hours we open again!

We achieved so much over the weekend. What a privilege to serve with an awesome team who have given their lives to this ministry for the glory of God. Thanks guys for all your hard work, you are all an inspiration.

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