Thursday, 4 June 2009

Can't wait for 'ONE PRAYER' 2009

One Prayer begins this weekend and over 1,600 churches around the globe are taking part. So many incredible communicators contributed messages once again this year.

At MKCC I will be speaking the first in our series called, 'God is Our Refuge and Strength' **this Sunday**.

We are living in very challenging times where the very foundations of what we have all placed our trust in has failed us: Stock Market, Banks, Governments, Politicians, Investments, Pension companies etc. There are people all around us are hurting and disillusioned and many now are thinking is there anything or anyone in who we can ever trust again? Well, the answer is yes!

I want to encourage you all at MKCC to invite as many of your friends as you can this Sunday. God has been, is and always will be reliable, true and just. We can trust in God and know peace even the storms in life we face. I believe God is drawing people to himself at this time, so seize the opportunity and ask them to come along with you this week.

Extra messages available:
At, there will be 15 extra messages featured throughout One Prayer. These additional messages will be at Church Online. You are welcome to join in for any of those experiences! Get the full details (including the first week’s schedule) at the Church Online blog.

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