Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Heathy Soul Builds a Health Life

I once had a personal trainer at the gym who helped educate me that I needed to do certain things to get fit. When I listened and put his words into practice, I quickly found the benefit in my life and work. Whilst being on mission and working in the north of Uganda in the bush, I saw a plaque on the side of a small school building that was seeking to promote a powerful message, it said, 'Education is your life'. I believe this and this message is to all of us.

Here's another thing you can do to build a healthy soul:

2. Educate your soul

'It is not good for a soul to be without knowledge' Prov 19:2

Many pursue intellectual knowledge in order to build their lives, but often fail to see the value of educating their soul. You can have qualifications and letters after your name, but ultimately it is what your soul knows that will direct the course of your life positively or negatively.

As you focus on God, be diligent in the scriptures get to know God, his character, his word and his ways and educate your soul to trust in him. This will all take time, discipline and appetite. Have you got it?

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