Friday, 26 December 2008

Called to serve

I have had a brilliant couple of days with my family over Christmas. It was amazing to have my good friend and brother-in-law Duncan Millar, his wife Deborah and their three girls Amy, Chloe and Saskia with us from New Zealand. We also had join us, my mother-in-law Deanna, her sister, Phillida, my mum (Rose) and my dad (Roy); Ian and Ruth (Brother & sister-in-law) and their children Saffron and Maddison. As a family we are close and I am privileged to have such a wonderful family. It is so good to see all of our kids get on so well and there is no doubt there is a special bond between us all and we get on so well.

Alison and I loved serving them all as best as we could. Hospitality is very important to us. It is a biblical Principal that we are commanded to do and I believe is makes all the difference in relationships at every level. As I was getting to the end of boxing day I was feeling a little tired but there was so much more to do; washing up, cleaning floors, garbage out, new bin liners in the bins etc...... It was then I thought about serving others. Our calling, our purpose, is what makes us who we are, and is what keeps us humble and causes God to rejoice over us. I believe God is proud of us as we serve others and even more so when there is no recognition from anyone. However, he sees everything you do and all the un-noticed works you do for others in your life he sees and it is noted. We are called to serve and that is the way Jesus came to this earth. In the call to follow him is the call to serve.

As you move into 2009, I want to encourage you to plan to serve more people. Jesus said that he didn't come to be served but to serve. My prayer is that we will be known as a church that serves. In your life, church, work, family, friendships I encourage you to take the initiative and be the servant of all. Do not care about the reputation of the crowd;p care about the commendation of your Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Let's raise a glass together to increased servanthood in 2009.


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