Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Practical steps to personal growth (part 5)

Wow, it's been busy over the last couple of days, life seems to move fast sometimes hey. Maybe just my age!

I think we can seek to be a little more proactive regarding planning our personal growth as I have talked about over the last few entries. Here's a challenge, what about making a plan and trying to stick to it throughout 2009.

Seriously, think about it and do it! Using the plan in my first entry look at what you could achieve next year:

1. Read 12 books
2. Listen to 52 CD/Podcast
3. Developed your own resources bank
4. Will have definitely grown personally
5. Have inspired others around you and added value to their lives

I think these are excellent goals for us all to embrace in 2009.

Earl Nightingale said, 'If you want to become an expert in a subject, spend an hour a day for five years focusing on that subject'. What subject are you passionate about? Well - go after it!

Think about this simple programme and build it into your life as a New Years resolution. Make sure you write it all out in your diary so you see it there everyday!

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