Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Practical steps to personal growth (Part 2)

Learning opportunities are everywhere if you are teachable! We tend to read, watch and hear so many good articles, one-liners, video clips, graphics, songs and quotes etc now-a-days; but may of us do not always make the best use them to help us grow. We read something and think, 'wow, I have to do something with that', and maybe even highlight it in a book you are currently reading, but busy so busy in life and we move on so quickly and good things are lost and we forget it. A good discipline someone once told me to do was to take the time to write down, cut out, photocopy etc and start to file what you learn.

I know I can be a little lazy on this one, but I do want to work at this as I think the pay off is huge. I say that because I see a couple advantages to doing this:

1. If you are ever asked to comment, speak, present, come up with creative ideas in your area of work or ministry you have plenty to resource to draw upon.

2. As you focus on the article again to record it; maybe you reduced it down to its most relevant paragraph or looked at it again I have found it somehow helps to reinforce what I have learned.

3. You have a reference point you can revisit as often as you like to see what you have learned. This is excellent because you can hold yourself accountable for any changes you felt you needed to make in your life.

Start a filing system today and build up your own resource bank to share with others. Go on try it!

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