Thursday, 26 February 2009

Live a life of love..

NOW is the time to BE church not just TALK ABOUT church. Come on guys, let's quit the talk and live the life! God challenges us to 'live a life of love'.

At MKCC as we talk about Revolutionary Love, NOW is the time for us all to actively demonstrate love to those around us.

There will be situations around you everyday that are opportunities for God to school you in active Love. I really believe that as we engage in selfless acts of kindness it is the key to our spiritual growth. The Bible encourages us to PURSUE the way of love. It tells us that love always wins! Therefore, God says, 'Make love your highest aim'. So make it yours TODAY!

Let me ask you a question toaday! Who are you going to extravagantly, sacrificially and generously demonstrate love to today? Don't think about it for to long...go ahead and DO IT and BE church!

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