Thursday, 12 February 2009

Happy Birthday son..

Wesley was 14 today and has had a great day!  

* It started with Alison, Mitchell and I bursting into his room at 7.00am singing happy birthday.  We shouted out hip hip hooray 14 times - YES FOURTEEN TIMES!

* We all went downstairs and had breakfast together - Grapefruit and waffles with Maple syrup.  Wesley opened all his cards and had enough money to but an XBOX360 he was desperate to own.

* He went off to school a very happy chappy!  

* After School we went to get the 360 and I have to say it is awesome.

* All our family phoned in to wish him happy birthday, and uncle Ian and Madison came to visit.  Granny also showed up and stayed with us for dinner.

*  Alison made a fantastic sponge cake that was totally yummy.

*  I gave Wes the choice of what he wanted to eat - He chose Chinese so we jumped into the car and went to Hong Kong on Furzton.  Hey check it out, totally brilliant!!  It is ran By Anthony and Iris who attend our MKCC.  

* We had a great time around the table reminiscing about Wesley when he was a baby.  He was well embarrassed by some of the stories.  Ha..  ha... brilliant!

* We all sta down with a coffee and some chocolate to watch a couple of Wesley's DVDs from the TV series 'Wild at Heart'.

As they have all gone to bed, I am left here to reflect on the day.  I can not believe how quickly time has gone by.  My baby son is now a teenager.  Where did the time go?  I have to tell you I have enjoyed every minute of being his dad.  We have had some excellent times together as a family but also have had to navigate through a few challenging incidents also like most families. I find my self praying to God every day asking him for his wisdom that I might be the best dad I can be.  I raise a glass to you Wesley and pray for God's blessing and favour to be upon you as you continue your journey into another year, love you mate.

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mark.ling said...

Happy Birthday to Wesley from Mark and Lydia.
Thank you Pastor Mark for the tip with the Chinese restaurant - we shall pay it a visit.