Friday, 6 February 2009

Lecturing at The International Bible School

I have just finished lecturing at the college where I have been for the past couple of days.  I have had a great time and the students seemed to have enjoyed my visit.  I met the first year students for the first time, only thirteen of them this year.  The second year students were thrilled to see me and gave me a huge clap as I walked into the classroom.  It is lovely to be appreciated!  It is amazing to see God bring people from around the world to IBTI each year. There are students from Burma, India, Iran, Spain, Uganda, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Bukino, Togo, Nigeria, England, Italy, USA, Belgium, France to name a few.  They are a great bunch and are  all so eager to learn about God and his word.  An absolute pleasure to spend time with them!  I am back again for two days in March and will look forward to it.        

I spoke to my wife to find out that things had ground to a halt in MK yet again with snowy conditions.  She told me that she had been in the garden with our children snowball fighting and building a snowman.    Brilliant - shame to have missed it!  Where I am in the south of England there is no snow at all!  There has been plently of rain but no snow.   Alison was coming to visit here sister in Crawley tonight, collect me and we were going to spend the day with family and then travel up to MK on saturday evening.  However, she is not coming due to the weather and so I need to figure out how I am going to get home!  Hey life is adventure and I aim to enjoy it all no matter what.                            

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