Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Desert song...Awesome!

Many people are not to sure about the refining part in the Christian life. Most of us want to live on a mountain top experience. However, the truth is that there are valleys that you will have to pass through. I have found that God often leads us through these valleys i.e crisis, difficult times, hard decisions, trails etc to bring us to a place where we will trust him and commit to follow his leadership whatever the cost. While you are on this journey you will be changed and your faith will grow as you embrace God.

At MKCC we are in a series based on the book of Habakkuk for the next few weeks. Billy is sharing some great truths and you need to make sure you follow this teaching.


Andy said...

Glad you like the song choice for Sunday!

Before seeing your post I'd just watched an extended video with added testimony - I've put it on my blog.

Mark Sherratt said...

Great mate. It is awesome!