Monday, 2 February 2009

An awesome day... Macs back, the snow is here and a Curry for dinner

I got the call this afternoon from the Apple store saying, your computer is repaired and waiting for collection.  I felt like reaching down the phone and giving the guy a hug.  I have been without my lap top for around a week and it has been a nightmare, I have been lost without it.  Within 5 minutes of the call I decided to fight my way through the snow and traffic to collect it.  I have to say I enjoyed every minute of the journey.  Firstly, I love driving in the snow. Secondly, I was excited about getting the Mac back.  I found myself almost skipping into the store!  Strange I know, but that's how I felt.   The store has done a marvelous job and it works a treat.  Yipee!  Cheers to the guys at the Apple store, they were brilliant.

The snow is here!  Well I did the sledging today with my two boys after I had picked them up from school.  Well not exactly sledging, rather sliding and spinning on a large sheet of plastic I had saved in the garage for such an occasion.  It was absolutely brilliant!  You should have seen the three of us flying down the slopes by Furzton Lake.  People we laughing their heads off at us. (Not literally of course!)  Imagine this - the three of us holding one large sheet of plastic standing at the top of the slope.  After a count to three, we all ran and dived head first down the hill onto the sheet of plastic.  As we gained speed the sheet would spin round and I hadn't got a clue where I was.  It was so fast!  All I could hear was my boys laughing and shouting with delight.  Then we would finally come to a gently stop all bundled together in a heap.  We had great fun.   I just love spending time with my boys.  I love their spirit of adventure and shear lust for life.  Brilliant!  They make me laugh so much.  

Shattered, wet and in a battle of snowball fighting, we ran all the way home for 6pm as Mondays is my day to cook the dinner for the family.  Alison works a full day so it is my joy to look after her.  A Rogan Josh was on the menu and I knew my family would love it.  As we sat and ate together, we told mum all the stories of our time in the snow.

I wonder if it will last until tomorrow?  I can feel another sledging session coming on.....

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