Thursday, 27 September 2007

Growth means expansion

Some thoughts......... Growth means expansion for all of us.

Even in the natural. I was at the gym today and whilst riding peacefully on a cycling machine, a huge guy climbed onto the bike next to me. The bike nearly disapeared! I thought this guy obviously loves his food and has expanded way futher than he probably ever thought he would! To my shame I was laughing on the inside as I watched him peddaling along, sad I know. As I continued peddaling a thought came into my mind; God wants you to experience expansion in your life like never before. It was as if God was saying, you have no idea what I can do in your life if you completely submit to me. I honestly believe there is a greater capacity in all of us than where we are at the moment. We all need to experience God's expansion in our lives. God wants to do so much more than we could ever ask or think! Come on now don't you dare settle for a small life. Let God enlarge you!

I want to encourage everyone I meet to have a vision for your life to get bigger and better in every area. Bigger and better in your work, bigger and better in your business,bigger and better in your ministry, bigger and better as a husband or wife, bigger and better as a parent, just a bigger and better person. To be Bigger and better you have to be comitted to expansion in your life. I challenge you to do whatever it takes to keep the growing going in your life and see it as a priority. Remember this, no one will be more passionate about your personal growth and development more than you!

Be intentional about your growth. It is so important to keep learning and listening because that is where our epxansion begins. Reading books, reading blogs, listening to pod casts, debating with good friends, asking someone to mentor you, attend to a leadership conference... We must understand we need to keep learning and growing for the rest of your life.

Get serious with God today! Say, God enlage my in every way, I am hungry for you and I want to serve you.

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