Sunday, 15 June 2008

Week two of One Prayer

The weather was awesome this morning so I decided to ride to church on my bike and shed a few ounces!! On the way, I found myself crying out to God asking, him to impact all of the people in our services. It is week two of the 'One Prayer' series and I was passionate for our church to take to heart the message from from Pastor Craig Groschell 'Lord make us one'. At one point on the journey, I almost fell off my bike as I became so fired up talking to God and became less aware that I was on a bike going downhill!

We had three amazing services, the worship was brilliant and set the scene for the preaching. Craig was excellent and our people responded well to the teaching on the big screen. It was a powerful message that demands thought and application from us. After the second service I felt God challenging me to think about the incredible potential that there is in our city to meet needs and make a difference if Christians were truly united. I found myself asking God, what do you want me to do? I will let you know what he says as our journey unfolds. I have no doubt that during this series, God is seeking to take us to a place of greater effectiveness and impact.

I do not think you can hear stuff like this and allow it get lost in the business of life. It is demanding our full attention.

As I spoke with others at the end of the services, I knew my prayer earlier that morning had been answered.

By the way, my bike ride home was amazing - Think I sang all the way!

Out for a Nandos feast later this evening with my family to celebrate Father's Day.

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