Saturday, 21 June 2008

A few late night thoughts

1. Can't wait for Sunday (Tomorrow) as we continue in the One Prayer series. I know Perry Noble will challenge our church to live Dangerously. Get ready for a good shake up!

2. Last Sunday Craig Groschell preached on video and boy was is awesome. check out for a great take on our a survey we took the following week.

3. I am excited about the children's ministry in our church and tomorrow afternoon we have an awards ceremony as children complete 1, 2 and 3 years of study in our mid-week discipleship programme for kids. Our staff are amazing - well done guys.

4. I am thrilled our ladies 2 1/2 day retreat has gone so well. I spoke to Alison earlier today who said that it was really amazing and God powerfully showed up. Fantastic!! Well done to all the girls who made it happen.

5. I fly tomorrow evening to Uganda until 4th July with my colleague Ian Baird to assist George Ridley (LFI Director) in any way we can and to look at some of the wrok and projects he is actively developing. George has has done an outstanding job in helping 100,000's of people in Uganda in desperate situations. I look forward to serving him in any way I can whist there.

6. I am excited about our next series at MKCC called Simply Jesus. We will be teaching this series throughout July and August. I am pumped about us talking about Jesus for two months and look forward to helping people see more clearly who Jesus really is.

7. I am excited about the developments of our building projects and am looking forward to the start of the extension and refurbishment of our Day Nursery facility this summer. This has been long awaited and finally we are ready! Only need to get our planning permission granted on our main auditorium, coffee shop and foyer now. Let's pray for this as we should here something by early July.

8. Not sure wether I will blog over the next 10 days whist in Uganda as I am not taking my computer and I am not sure about the connection from there. However, we will see what happens when we get there.

Keep fired up!!

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