Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Faith & generosity are linked.. (Part 2)

The Journey towards mature faith and stewardship is crucial for us to understand.

I think there are different attitudes people have when it comes to giving and living a generous life.

1. You can give by imitating others stewardship

2. You can give sporadically when you think there is a good enough reason

3. You can give because there is something in it for you. Recognition, tax benefit, other personal gain

4. You can give in proportion to what God has given you

5. You can give recognizing that all you posses is from God and you find joy in giving

6. You can give focused entirely on God and others. Your eye is on eternal rewards rather than temporal rewards in this life. You are content with daily provision.

Where are you? God calls us to spiritual maturity, to a life of generosity, to give our lives for others as Christ did for us. I once heard someone say, The entrance to the Christian faith is free through Jesus but the annual subscription is everything - Following Christ will cost you EVERYTHING!

There are Many people who ask God for more...more money, a bigger house, a larger car, more influence, more power, more effectiveness.....etc.

My question is this to us all; Can he trust us with more? Or would more corrupt you and fill you with pride which could destroy you? Think about it! Be honest with yourself before God and get real!

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