Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Churches best days are ahead

I loved this article by Perry Noble today so HAD TO post it...

Why I Believe The Churches Best Days Are Ahead… October 29, 2009

As I survey the landscape of church in America I am not buying into to the “doom and gloom” that some people seem to take joy in declaring…

IN FACT, I believe the opposite…I seriously believe the churches best days are ahead of her.

Acts 2 wasn’t something that happened that we are supposed “to get back to,” it was where we STARTED FROM…and should be FOUNDATIONAL and not just some ideal we strive for…

And I’m seeing that!

I see leaders stepping up and leading with CONVICTION and PASSION…and begging God for HIS permission instead of begging committees for their approval!

I see Jesus being preached and repentance being demanded…and people RESPONDING in droves because THE GOSPEL, not some non-eternal agenda, has taken center stage.

I see churches being planted and video campuses getting started by people who are more interested in seeing birth given to babies rather than trying to resurrect the dead.

I see networking taking place like never before…where people are reaching across denominational lines and loving and learning from one another. (THAT didn’t happen 15-20 years ago!)

I see the potential of a worldwide revival like that has NEVER happened right in front of our eyes!!! The internet was not given so we could view porn…but rather as a TOOL to advance His Kingdom.

I see passion in church leaders being unapologized for.

I see churches and leaders that are NOT AFRAID to take risks and do things different in order to reach people far from God.

I see churches buying into the SCRIPTURAL idea that people do not have to be perfect to come to church…and just because they are in church doesn’t mean they are perfect either.

I see churches embracing the fact that the pastor isn’t the one who is supposed to minister to all of the people…but rather it is the BODY that is supposed to minister to the BODY!

I see churches stepping up in their communities and not just being a mouth that speaks out about what it is against and for…but being hands and feet and serving those in the area.

I see “non-professionals” (you know, fisherman, tax collectors and tent makers) leaving the marketplace and entering the ministry…and making a difference!

I see people inviting their friends to church because they understand they won’t have to apologize the entire time because churches are actually embracing that if we are doing something for Jesus then we should give it our best!!!

I see religion being rejected so that it no longer matters what you wear to church!

I am seeing it…for those who think it’s over for the church, I’ve got news for you…Jesus is still Lord, the tomb is still empty and the church is STILL HIS PLAN!!!

Church…we’re not called to play “prevent defense,” let’s PREACH CHRIST, BEG HIM FOR SALVATION TO FALL LIKE RAIN…AND RUN UP THE SCORE!!!

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