Saturday, 15 August 2009

Marriage - a few more helpful communication tips

6 Communication Connections

These tips can improve the way you and your mate communicate. But be aware, not all men and women will share these characteristics.

1. Women are inclined to want "feeling" conversations, while men lean toward problem solving. Ensure you are clear about the kind of conversation you expect to have.

2. Women give and want to hear lots of details; men go for the bottom line.

3. When a woman says, "Nothings wrong," something usually is. Husbands—offer to be a sympathetic listener when she's ready to talk.

4. A husband wants to be part of the solution to a problem, not viewed as the problem.

5. Men tend to dislike unsolicited advice—they presume their mate believes they can't handle things on their own.

6. When a woman is upset and emotional, just listen. Attempting to offer an explanation will frequently be taken as invalidation.

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