Friday, 14 August 2009

Forgiveness - really!!

Unforgiveness is like taking poison in hopes that the other guy will die.

Forgiveness has more to do with your tongue than your head or heart. If you're still talking about it, you haven't forgiven.

Someone once said to Jesus, 'How many times shall I forgive?" What's changed in over 2000 years? Offering forgiveness is never easy for anyone in my book, especially when you have been hurt or betrayed in someone you love or have trusted. It takes a huge amount of courage, strength of character, faith and love to do it.

Jesus was and is passionate about forgiving others and calls his followers to do likewise. How many times....."70 X 7" - WOW!! That's not a formula to go and figure out how many times you need to actually offer forgiveness, Jesus was informing us of our way of life.

Jesus' mercy and grace know no limits and is the bench mark for us to move towards. Tough I here you say! Yes it is, and you need God to help you to forgive when your natural ability runs out. Jesus didn't just talk about forgiveness, he modeled it for a reason - FOR US TO FOLLOW.

The fact is, that when we release forgiveness to others we actually release ourselves from harboring bitterness, becoming critical, being defensive, angry, fearful etc. Every time you offer forgiveness to others there is a power released. Forgiveness will set you free and it will actually change you for the better. This is key to your own personal growth and equip you to serve and help others more effectively.

Remember, Jesus said, "Forgive as you have been forgiven". In other words keep your eyes fixed on the cross - on Jesus and remember the full extent of his love for you. Now go and do likewise!

Not an easy path to walk but I challenge you today to choose to forgive...

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