Friday, 3 July 2009

A Heathy Soul Builds a Health Life

4. Teach your soul to boast in the God

'My soul shall make it's boast in the Lord' Ps 34:2

Those people who need to boast about themselves display all the evidence of insecurity. You need to develop a different type of boast that is focused on God and how good he is. Focus on His character, His purposes and His faithfulness throughout all generations. This will continually promote a humble lifestyle in us as his servants who are dedicated to serve the Lord and others

'How great is our God' is an awesome song written by Chris Tomlin and is sang by millions of Christians around the world and let this be our anthem for the rest of our lives. May these worlds be our first words in the morning, in our conversations throughout the day and be the conclusion to every day.

Do you need to change what you are boasting about?

One more tomorrow....

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