Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Healthy Soul Builds a Healthy Life

The last one today, I hope you have found my comments helpful..

5. Teach your soul to be accountable

We could talk about being accountable to God, your spouse, family, community, work, church but what about holding yourself accountable to YOURSELF. You make decision, promises, New Year resolutions etc - come on take responsibility for the outcome!

Blaming others or circumstances is typical of human behaviour. However, I believe that excuses only give us reason to stay the way we are! Building a healthy soul starts with accepting responsibility and accountability for our own life.

We need to get this right because YOU are your own greatest project! You are responsible for you and it is time to take things seriously. Your attitudes, thoughts, actions, outbursts, character flaws etc. YOU are responsible for being you! When I realised this, my life started to change course as I became passionately interested about changing somethings in my I didn't like.

Someone once said, 'don't be to hard on yourself', my reply was, 'why not?' After all he is never going to be as passionate about my life as I am and I wanted to change. With God's partnership in my life, the Holy spirit and I are working together to craft in me the character of Christ - LONG WAY TO GO STILL THOUGH!!

What do you need to take responsibility for in yourself you know that needs to change?

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