Monday, 19 January 2009

An environment of growth (part 2)

....Some thoughts on creating an environment of growth in your life.

1. You should have models and mentors in your life. These are crucial because all of us need to be inspired. What and who inspires you?

2. You need to be challenged in life. What is a challenge in your life right now? What gets the creative juices flowing or the adrenaline pumping? Anything?

3. Ensure you keep your focus forward. The future is before us and we need vision to draw us forward to possess it.

4. Commit to building an atmosphere of affirmation. Wherever you are and with whoever you are with.

5. Be committed to personal study and development.

6. If you are married, love your wife passionately and work hard to keep things fresh in your relationship. If things are healthy at home they will be healthy elsewhere.

7. Plan fun times with your kids and do a few more spontaneous things once in a while. Don't get to old to fast!

8. Ensure others are growing around you. Your greatest assets are the people around you. Invest in them.

9. Ensure there is a willingness to change in your life at all times.

10. Walk in humility, hate evil and love justice.

The list could go on and on..... Send a few thoughts to me.

You need to thoughtfully consider this and implement a few things to monitor your own personal growth. Always remember no-one will ever be as passionate about your own growth and development than you. Selah!

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