Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Called to be generous..

Let's face it, in the present economic crisis everything would tell us to keep hold of our money, to hang on to what we have, to store up more to protect ourselves in case things get worse and we have something to fall back on.

However, I believe for those of us who are believers and are determined to follow Christ and extend the kingdom, we should continue to honour God with our wealth and continue to live a life of generousity. Giving to God for me is a pleasure and I see it as part of my worship. It tells shows God that I love him, want to obey him and that I trust him in my life.

As we seek God's kingdom first and his righteousness, God assures us that all we need in life will be added to us. I firmly believe this and as we build God's house, he will build ours.

Know this, that Jehova Jireh - God our provider, is with you and will sustain you as he has promised. Be ready to experience the miracle working God in your life.

One thing I know for certain in 2009 is God is with us! 'Emanuel'

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