Saturday, 22 November 2008

Keep learning...keep growing!

I went to support my youngest son Mitchell and his football team today, they were playing a cup match. Boy was it cold. I was glad I took a big flask of coffee with me! His team are doing really well at the moment and are winning all their matches. It took the first 15 minutes to settle into the game and then it suddenly clicked and they started to play as a team and the goals came quickly.

Their coach is an inspiration to me and I admire his leadership, his passion for the game, his commitment and care for the boys, his desire to draw out the best in each one of them, his constant encouragement, his ability to motivate, his commitment to discipline and his constant instruction... All this pays off! The boys respect him and so do all the parents. Today I thought, if this guy was a Pastor of a church I would want to be on his team. There is so much we can learn from the people around us.

By the way we won 7 - 0. Mitchell got man of the match and I was one happy chappy!

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