Monday, 17 November 2008

In trouble? Turn to God...

I Just love the band U2, their songs are full of energy, emotion and inspiring lyrics. The song for me this week that I listened to and has continued to go around and around in my head is Ps 40:1-2. This verse is amazing and is a reminder that God is able to reverse any situation in our lives in his time. David found himself sinking in a dark and desperate situation yet he chose to trust in God and his ways at this time. He learned to wait patiently and submit himself completely to God.

King David knew about suffering, particular suffering caused by his own actions. However, he knew who to run to during times of trouble. What great joy and comfort come to us when we understand that God is rich in grace and mercy. God not only forgives, but restores and redeems! God is able to step in to the deepest pit of despair we face and lift us and set us in a right standing with him and put us back on track.

When times of trouble arrive in your life, turn to God and wait patiently for his help knowing that he will never fail to bring you through.

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