Sunday, 12 October 2008


A group of leaders from MKCC went to the 2 day Willow Creek Association conference in St Albans hosted by the Vineyard Church. We went expecting to be challenged and inspired by some great leaders from around the world and we not to be disappointed! So many excellent insights were shared that I know will give us plenty of material to think about and work through in the days ahead.

Bill Hybells and the team nailed it yet again and the Leadership summit goes from strength to strength. Thanks Bill and all the Willow Staff who make this happen, you are all a great example to the body of Christ around the world.

Well done to leaders, musicians and volunteers of Vineyard church who did an excellent job in hosting the conference. Brilliant! I appreciate your serving us so all so well.

It was great to have with us Chris and Dana Byers from who are planting a church in London. (Any one interested in getting involved in this should let me know) They fit in really well with our guys and it was a pleasure spending time with them.

One of things I really enjoy about these 2 days is spending time with our team. I love it; they are a fine bunch of leaders, they desire to learn and grow and desperately want God to use them. On Friday evening, I always enjoy our annual trip to the curry house near to the hotel and love to hear the good conversations, fun and laughter they all have together as we eat. It reminds me that creating opportunities like this is very important as we build team.

Well yesterday was learning today needs to be practice, so let's get to it!

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