Monday, 20 October 2008

Life Groups are suppose to bring life...

Saturday saw six of our Life Group spend the day at one of our members house decorating. I walked into the house and saw the challange before us and thought. 'o no, all this in one day..' And a few extra words ran through my mind (not telling. However, there was a great spirit and everyone was pumped to contribute. Here is our group, not comfortably sitting on my settees at home studying, discussing or praying but ready to put some muscle into their faith and help support someone else.

When your you are trying to rebuild your life after a divorce, you are incredibly stressed and at rock bottom, you live in a different country, you have made a decision to ask Jesus into your life; where do you turn? Is there a helping hand? Good question! I think God has an answer, it's called church. I mean REAL church, not the religious version! Relationship is what matters most in life and we can all offer it to others. However, it will cost you something, your time, your talents and your money. Are you willing to give your life for others?

Experiencing the joy, the happiness, the gratitude and the tears with others as we do life together is sweet. Showing love and grace is so rewarding and very special and I think you encounter God in new ways when you move into the flow and rhythm of Grace. Christians, are all called to help, support, share, speak the truth, love, serve.. etc one another. God knows this true love and expressing itself is a powerful visual in the world today. People have to see love in action to be impacted by it.

Jesus demonstrated his love by dying on a cross, why would we think there is another way?

Let's demonstrate love and friendship today. Let's get intentional about it and impact someones life today.

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