Monday, 13 October 2008

Sunday thoughts...

Today we used the video teaching of Louie Giglio who delivered a powerful message of hope that impacted everyone. It was awesome! I wept in all three services as we were challenged to look to the cross as the anchor that will take us through any trouble we have to face. Jesus told us that trouble will come to all of us at some point and our connection to Christ is crucial to carry us through. They story of Ashely was heart-renching but I believe since giving her life to Christ made a significant impact in people's lives, especially her step dad who isn't a believer. Please pray for Ashley's dad who is searching and is in connect with Louie.

This really fitted in well with our visit last week of Ron Heagy. A man who has found hope in Christ and is committed to choosing the right attitude in life. I will never forget the little smiley face Ron had on his chair. He said it is a reminder to him to always smile and choose the right attitude in life. He said, you can stamp on it, throw it or kick it but it will always be smiling. may God help us to have that kind of spirit.

The music today was great. Peter did a brilliant Job from the keys and all the songs fitted in perfectly.

The Video ran smoothly in all services - well done David and the team. Some great graphics and video clips behind the words.

There we several new faces today. Great to see new people coming in. I want to encourage you all to invite more and more people on Sundays.

We launch a new series next week called the Pursuit of Happiness. I am looking forward to this and know it will be challenging.

Brilliant to have Mike on staff with us as Caretaker and maintenance. I really appreciate him, he has a great spirit, is willing to serve at any level and make things happen. Just brilliant!

May God continue to use us all despite our faults and many weaknesses to bring honour to Jesus. May we lead many people to put their faith in Jesus who can bring hope to all who look to him, despite any trouble we have to face in this life.

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