Monday, 4 August 2008

Wasn't Ayiesha brilliant...

Sunday was a blast

Ayiesha Woods was amazing and fitted well into MKCC. I know all our people enjoyed listening to her songs and her testimony. Can't wait until she visits again! Make sure you order her new album coming out in September.

The song that stayed in my mind for the rest of the day was 'I don't want to box you in'. I love the line, 'you've been doing big things since the world began.' WOW! It reminded me the words in a Lee Mcderment (Newspring) song, 'You are bigger than we let you be, you are strong enough to set us free'.

May we all live with a true sense of the greatness of God today and know that he is with us. Let's open our hearts and lives up to greater things and believe God to use us in ways we perhaps never thought.

Well after a quick lunch I was out with Wesley (son) fishing at Furzton Lake for a couple of hours. It was lovely, sitting there watching him fish and getting excited about pulling out of the water a few small perch. I enthusiastically lept up from the chair to look at his catch and rejoiced with him. As I sat their watching, I was overwhelmed at the thought of how God is enthusiastic about his relationship with us. He loves us so much and loves to rejoice over us every day. Even in the small things!

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