Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday thoughts...

1. Attendance down today due to August holidays, but still faily good crowds

2. Well lead today Vern, the worship was great

3. Most of our muso's were away today so I ended up playing Drums in the band. The overall vote from the people seemed to be I did quite well. However, I noticed a few hands go when Billy asked if they were against a return gig in the near future.

4. I was fired up today preaching 'what did Jesus accomplish on the cross' in our series Simply Jesus. In my preparations I was bought to tears several times and knew Jesus was very near. This blew me away! I challenge every Christian to seriously be grateful everyday, receive God's free grace and fall in love with Jesus for what Jesus has done for you by dying on the cross for you.

5. It was great to have a family from Lifechurchtv visit our 3rd service today. They are planting a new church in London and are eager to learn and wanted to look at what we were doing here in MKCC. I pray that God will give them great success!

6. John Dangana ran an excellent course helping equip people to share their faith and the gospel clearly. If you have not attended the course Discovering My Life Mission, I highly recommend you do.

7. My parents are visiting for a couple of days so I am looking forward to spending some time with them.

8 I am so thrilled that our children had an awesome time at the Children's summer camp. Mitchell came home pumped. A huge thanks to Nicola and her team - well done guys.

9. I am excited about our teenagers going on our Phaze2 camp happening this week. Ryan and the guys have an excellent week set for them and I know its going to be brilliant. Please pray for them!

10. My boys are excited tonight as we have put the tent up in the garden and they are camping out tonight. Total nutters!

11. I pumped about our building extensions and am looking forward to works commencing on our Day Nursery shortly. If have not seen the plans we have for the new auditorium etc take a look at the plans on the wall in the foyer and feel free to ask questions. I want to challenge everyone to get involved and give generously to our Time2Build campaign and make the dream become a reality.

12. Can't wait to live another day tomorrow!

Let's keep fired up!


Andy said...

Can't believe I missed you drumming!

Mark Sherratt said...

Ha.. ha.. A man of many talents my friend. However, after Sunday many would disagree.