Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Raising children is a challenge for all of us

Here are a few helpful tips!  

* Give them quality time - More than anything else, your children need time from you. Viewing television together is a poor substitute for quality time with your children. Going to movies together is not quality time together. You need to be interacting. Quality time involves face time. There needs to be conversation and maybe even some laughter. If you miss all of the other points, please don't miss this one!

 * Lead by example - You cannot expect your children to read the Bible if you don't read the Bible! You can't expect your children to love their neighbor if you don't love your neighbor. Are you following this? You are their model!

 * Reassure them they are loved - We have found that the simple yet powerful act of saying "I love you" often can make a huge difference. When a hug or kiss is included with the verbal reassurance of love a powerful statement is made. Tell them and show them that they are loved as often as you can because the days slip by quickly!

 * Consistently hold them accountable - Children want to know that they have boundaries. They often test those boundaries. When your children cross the line that you have set you must consistently hold them accountable for their choices or they will become confused. They need and want consistency.

 * Teach them respect - Teach your children to show respect to adults as early as possible. As they grow older you will need to have consequences for when they do not show respect to either their parents or another adult. If they do not learn respect at an early age it is difficult to teach as they grow older.  

* Share in meaningful conversation - Your children need to know that when they are speaking, you are actually listening. They may not choose the best times to tell you about their day but they need to know that they are more important. Give them the time even when it's inconvenient. It will strengthen your relationship and they will come back for more!

 * Love your spouse - Your children need to see that their parents are in love. There’s nothing so comforting and reassuring as knowing your parents are authentically in love. Boys will learn how to treat women properly, and girls will learn how to bless their future husbands.

When parents show their children how to love their mate it goes a long way to authenticate their parental teaching. As parents we do have a HUGE INFLUENCE on our children as they grow and mature! The suggestions we made above, basically all come down to having a great relationship with your children. Teach them how to love.

Teach them how to show respect. Teach them how to communicate. Teach them how to take responsibility. Teach them...

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