Friday, 25 January 2013

7 Ways to Be a Better Pastor This Year

By Justin Lathrop

While your church members are making hundreds of different resolutions, there were seven fundamental commitments that I hope every pastor would make for 2013:
  • Inspire courage — Your church members could do incredible things in 2013, more incredible than you could ever imagine. It’s our responsibility as leaders to inspire them to take action. Will you inspire your church members to be courageous and accomplish amazing things next year?
  • Diversify your network — This is a topic I care a lot about. My hope is that you would take time this upcoming year to learn from leaders who are different than you. Trust me, you won’t regret taking the steps to diversify your network and learn from other leaders in your church.
  • Help the next generation — As leaders, I believe we’re mandated to invest in the next generation. Whether you’re 60 or 26, take some time next year to mentor the next generation of leaders.
  • Start celebrating — Although you probably wouldn’t want to admit it, how much energy did you spend in 2012 competing with the church down the street? Let’s make 2013 the year that we stop competing and start celebrating the successes of others.
  • Choose to believe — Will you commit to believing in others this year? Even though our initial tendency might be to pick out every flaw, choosing to believe in other people starts as a choice and turns into a way of life.
  • Burst your likeminded bubble — Whether it’s a business leader or a person with an opposing political view, there is always something we can takeaway from meeting with “un-like-minded” people. Trust me.
  • Get away for solitude — How did you do this year when it came to getting away and replenishing your spirit? If you didn’t make the commitment to get away for solitude in 2012, I hope this post will provide some encouragement for 2013.
What are some of the other commitments pastors should make for 2013? What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?

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