Saturday, 19 January 2013

12 Marriage Killers

Dr. James Dobson has “12 Marriage Killers” that are very prevalent for today’s society

1. Over-commitment and Physical Exhaustion

Husbands and wives should constantly guard against overcommitment. Even worthwhile and enjoyable activities become damaging when they consume the last ounce of energy or the remaining free moments in the day.

2. Excessive Debt: Conflict over how money is spent

3. Selfishness

4. Interference from In-Laws

5. Unrealistic Expectations

6. Gaming

7. Alcohol or Substance Abuse

8. Addictions

9. Frustration, Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem, and the “Greener Grass” of Infidelity

10. Business Failure

11. Business Success

12. Getting Married too young

Be honest!  What do you need to change today?

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