Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Oral Roberts died

Dr. Oral Roberts, a legendary evangelist who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th century, died today in Newport Beach, Calif., due to complications from pneumonia. His son, Richard, and daughter, Roberta, were at his side. The founder of Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University was 91.

Another general of the Christian faith is finally called home to heaven and to the saviour he loved and gave his life in service to spreading the gospel around the world. An extraordinary man with great faith and endurance who has inspired leaders for many years and has been used by God powerfully. I salute him and know that heaven would stand in applause of this man. His life has brought honour to the name of Jesus.

Oral will be sadly missed and my prayers are for his family at this time.

I am just left today thinking again about my own legacy and impact in this world for Christ. The baton is in our hands for just a short time and then it's passed on whether we plan to do it or not! We all grow old and will surely die. I want to make a difference with every moment of my life and not waste a single minute. I have prayed today that Jesus would strengthen me to run my race in my day with the same attitude as the Apostle Paul, like I have not obtained ANYTHING (become complacent and too comfortable) and stay focused on RUNNING (Urgency and effort) towards the goal of being Christ's ambassador here on earth.

Let's ask God to use us for his honour and glory in this generation.

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