Tuesday, 29 December 2009

10 commitments for the New Year for me

1. I WILL equip more people and seek to do less of the ministry

Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the purpose of leaders in the church is to equip the people to do the ministry of the church.

2. I WILL build into the ministry of others rather than seeing them as tools to build my own ministry

Jethro told Moses that trying to be the solitary authority figure was wrong (Exodus 18:13-24). Jesus chose to invest into building 72 other ministers (Luke 10:1), 12 heavily, and three of them intimately so! I have heard many great leaders say that if they had their time again they would invest more in training and developing other leaders. Let’s have a plan!

3. I WILL develop a kingdom perspective, realizing that building the ministry of others will multiply the impact of my life

Jesus went out of his way to make sure people understood how much he demanded before they became his followers. For Christians, giving time to ministry is not optional! All must have a strong work ethic and give themselves completely in service to God. Someone once told me you will never build a great church and be able to go to the beach every other weekend. Think about your own commitment before judging others!!

4. I WILL be an encourager of others in ministry

In a world full of negative attitudes and criticism, I will demonstrate Christ’s love by celebrating the accomplishments of others more. I will seek to push others to excel and take steps of faith.

5. I WILL call people boldly to become who God has called them to be

I will boldly invite them to contribute their time to the most significant cause in the universe.

6. I WILL devote resources to developing others

I will seek more ways to assist the training and equipping of the leaders that work with me. I will continually challenge them to personal growth and development. I will give more constructive feedback,

7. I WILL laugh more!

The eternal consequence of one soul is worthy of the most serious effort there is for sure. However, the Bible speaks of love and joy as a hallmark of a follower of Christ. Infact, the Bible says that the joy of the Lord IS my strength. Laughter is like medicine to the heart and is crucial for the journey ahead.

8. I WILL forgive myself for past mistakes

God chose me to do what I do. He chose to work through me knowing that I am not perfect. I will spend time consciously determining what I need to learn from my mistakes and then I will join God in casting them into the Sea of Forgetfulness.

9. I WILL remember the ONE Thing

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus reminded Martha that while all her attempts to serve him were good, the ONE thing most important was developing a growing relationship with Jesus. I will remember that ultimately it is not about my ministry or my church. Ultimately, it’s about developing a growing relationship with Jesus.

10. I WILL keep these resolutions longer than the one about dieting and exercise

Don't need to comment any more on this.

If you are a leader, why not join me in this and see where we are by the end of 2010.

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