Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Biggest Challenge of being a leader

This is a great Post by Tony Morgan.

- When there is uncertainty for the future, leaders clarify vision for where the organization is going.
- When a good opportunity pops up that pulls the organization from its core strategy, leaders say “no.”
- When teams are pulling in different directions, leaders prioritize what’s important now.
- When conflicts arise around competing core values, leaders lead through the conflict to preserve unity.
- When leaders make mistakes, leaders are quick to admit responsibility.
- When mistakes are made by someone else, leaders are quick to take responsibility.
- When the team gets comfortable and content to stick with past practices, leaders challenge the status quo.
- When there is work to be completed and deadlines to hit, leaders prioritize time for leadership development and equipping others.
- When talented, high capacity people join the team, leaders let others lead but they never give away accountability.
- When someone continues to drop the ball, leaders step in to coach and redirect.
- When someone continues to ignore the coaching, leaders remove people from the team.
- When consensus is impossible and people are watching, leaders make decisions knowing criticism will follow.
- When the future is set and a team has clear vision, values and priorities, leaders empower others to make decisions.
- When the crisis hits and people are searching for direction, leaders make decisions quickly and decisively.

Do you know the biggest challenge of being a leader?  Eventually you have to lead.

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