Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Understanding the Bible (Part 2)

How do you discover the joy of reading the Bible?

1. As you read, hold a conversation with God the Holy Sprit and ask him to help you understand it.

2. Approach God's word humbly and sincerely genuinely desiring to know more about God and his ways.

3. As part of your devotions, come to God's word in a prayful manner to discover the it's message rather than appraoching it as literature or information alone.

4. Allow God's word to lead you to be in awe of God of who his is and onto a journey of worship.

5. Apply what you have learned in your every day life

God's word is waiting to lead you into a wonderful encouter with God by the Holy Sprit that will transform your life and cause you to follow Jesus and serve his purposes for the rest of your life.

Hunger and thrist after him and you WILL be filled!

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