Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Understanding the Bible (part 1)

Someone asked me the question yesterday, ' can I understand the Bible more?' I sensed the hunger in their voice and shared a few things with them. It go me thinking about how I might be able to help others too. SO here we go......

The Bible was written centuries ago over a long period of time by many different people from all walks of life in a setting different from our own.

When you read a portion of scripture you should consider the following:

1. The type of writing

2. The context it is written in and for

3. The reason it was written

4. Ask yourself what can it now mean to me?

When you read a portion of scripture you must:

1. NOT take a verse or one part of scripture out of it's context

2. NOT creat an opinion based only on one verse or portion. This is a frequent error of cults and those who want to twist the meaning for their own ends.

3. NOT think of it as anything other than the word of God. Scriptures were written by real people for sure in real situations BUT under the Holy Spirit's inspiration.

As you open the Bible to read it, ask God to open your eyes and your heart and reveal the truth of his word to you by the Holy Spirit. HE WILL!!

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