Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Questions for leaders to ask

Read this excellent post by Make Lake that really challenged me. Check it out and I hope it challenges you too!

7 Leadership Development Questions to Ask Yourself

Not many people are satisfied with the level of leadership development taking place in their organization. Yet few take serious strides to really do anything about it. Leadership development requires focus and discipline. Here are 7 questions to stir your thinking at the beginning of the week.

1. Am I rewarding and celebrating the reproduction of leaders?

2. Am I challenging older leaders in our organization to reproduce themselves?

3. Am I making leadership development and mentoring simple enough?

4. Am I tracking and measuring the development of leaders?

5. Am I modeling a lifestyle of leadership development for others in my organization?

6. Am I talking with my key leaders on a consistent basis about the up and coming potential leaders in our organization?

7. Am I taking a risk on any young talent in our organization?

None of us are likely to be doing all these things perfectly but if we focus and plan we can improve by 1% this week, 1% next week and over time with concentrated effort it will make a big difference.

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