Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Here are a few of the things I’ve been learning lately…

Relevant ideas are born out of listening to others. If you need an inspirational idea, listen for need.

Interest is not the same as commitment. Many people are interested in what we lead but not everyone is readily committed to join the cause.

Enthusiasm alone does not make a movement

Mission is born when the leader spends time understanding the heart, intention and calling of God.

Values have to be expressed daily in order to truly become ingrained in your churches culture.

Leadership is a well that runs deep and requires a lifelong process of learning.

You don’t have the right vision until it makes your heart race.

Be who God created you to be not what others expect you to be or what your insecurities tell you to be.

Growth comes in waves, so be ready to ride it when it comes.

What are you learning? Write it down, apply it, reinforce it through repetition and teach it to others.

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