Sunday, 4 April 2010

Let others around you make decisions and GROW

Leaders are decision makers.

I heard someone say, “The leader gets paid the big bucks not to make the most decisions but to make the tough decisions.” However, there are some leaders who feel it’s their job too make most of the decisions and as a result hinder the development of others on their team. If you want to help potential leaders, give them some decisions to wrestle with. When you allow others to make decisions you GIVE them a gift and you GET great benefit.

When you give them the power to make decisions you’re GIVING them:

1. The opportunity to feel greater contribution and ownership
2. A greater sense of confidence
3. A greater feeling that you trust their judgment
4. The opportunity to gain leadership credibility among others experience, experience, experience

On the other hand you GET:

1. The opportunity to watch how they make decisions and see their leadership
2. The chance to coach them before, during and after the decision
3. Leaders who are increasingly confident to make more difficult decisions
4. A potential successor who could one day take your place

A Challenge: What decisions can you give away this week?

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