Friday, 24 February 2017

Intimidation drains power.

The result of intimidation is dependence. Think about that!

Pressuring timid people increases apprehension – apprehension creates dependence. 

5 reasons you intimidate, but don’t know it:
  1. You think you’re smiling, but you’re frowning.
  2. Your quick mind makes others play catch-up.
  3. You always think about problems.
  4. You talk loud and violate people’s space.
  5. You hoard knowledge and keep others in the dark.
Point to ponder:  It feels safer to do the wrong thing than to get clarity from a scary boss.  Think about the people you lead and be honest about ow you make others feel?  Do they trust you or fear you?
4 ways to soften intimidation:
  1. Show up when things are going right.
  2. Share things you learned from failure.
  3. Tell your face you’re happy!
  4. When people fail, ask, 'What did you learn?  What will you do differently next time?

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