Thursday, 28 April 2016

Seven Pillars of Leadership (Part 2)


 3.  Decisiveness
Great leaders make decisions – even the difficult ones – even the 
unpopular ones. People are willing to follow them, because they know
 they won’t sit on the sidelines while the world passes. They aren’t 
exclusive in making decisions – great leaders encourage collaboration 
– but they won’t compromise principles either. They are firm in their 
convictions and willing to stand for them when others won’t. 

4.  Courage
Long-term, successful leaders don’t jump ship when times get difficult.
 In fact, some would say you don’t realize you need a leader until times 
are hard. These leaders confront reality head-on; leading through 
needed change to a better reality. They don’t cower to pressure to 
conform or fail to say what needs saying. Equally, they aren’t hogs 
of attention. They don’t need to receive all the credit in order to 
lead the people to victory. 

5.  People
Great leaders realize others matter. They know there is no leadership 
without people to follow. They believe in the value of those on their team
 and are willing to invest in them. They aren’t users of people, they 
are people-builders. They love people and love to see them succeed. 
They recognize and reward other people’s contributions. 

6.  Passion
It’s what gets a leader up in the morning ready to face another day. 
They believe in their call to lead. They are zealous to see it come to reality. 
They have a contagious enthusiasm. They are positive-minded and
 believe and hope in the days ahead. 

7.  Character
Great leaders are strong in what matters most – their character.
 They have integrity, high morals, and qualities others can and want 
to follow. And, they are consistent over time in protecting their 
character to be above reproach. 

Obviously, in my specific role as a pastor, these are pillars worthy of my 
quest to achieve. I certainly see them in my Savior – the best leader I know
 – Jesus. I’m striving to get there. I want to possess the pillars of leadership. 
Who’s with me?

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