Tuesday, 16 July 2013

William Carey's Example of Generosity

In October, 1795, William Carey received a packet of letters in India. One of the letters criticized Carey for "engaging in affairs of trade" instead of devoting full time to his missionary work. Carey was hurt and angered by the accusation. If he had not worked, he and his family would have starved since the support from England was so slow and small and sporadic in arriving. He wrote back these words which describe the William Carey wildcard, "It is a constant maxim with me that, if my conduct will not vindicate itself, it is not worth vindicating...I only say that, after my family's obtaining a bare allowance, my whole income, and some months, much more, goes for the purposes of the gospel, in supporting persons to assist in the translation of the Bible, write copies, teach school, and the like...I mention...(this) to show that the love of money has not prompted me to pursue the plan that I have engaged in. I am indeed poor, and shall always be so till the Bible is published in Bengali and Hindosthani, and the people want no further instruction. (Mary Drewery, William Carey: A Biography, p. 91). The William Carey Wildcard is not some little gimmick to get you to give another $6.89 to [the local church]. It is a radical call to remember that we are fighting a war for the eternal lives of men and women and to use your possessions like you really believe it. "After an allowance for me and my family, my whole income goes for the purposes of the gospel." That's the William Carey Wildcard. And I believe that's the call of Jesus to all His disciples.3

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